UVE for umbrella

Important indicators of parasols

What is UVE?

ARPANSA, the international sunscreen authority, launched a new anti-ultraviolet standard in 2018 - UVE (Ultraviolet Effect Rating)
Specially detect sunshade fabrics that are not close to the skin, such as: umbrellas, curtains, etc. outdoor sunshade products.

If you use umbrellas, curtains and other products, it will be affected by the sunshade area of the product and the physical distance. Therefore, simply using UPF to label products will not be accurate enough.

As a leading brand of sunscreen wear, it responds to ARPANSA's call. In the umbrella category, UVE reports are provided to give consumers the most complete sun protection.


What will we do for the future?

UV100 will continue to introduce new outdoor sunscreen products, and maintain high quality and high performance. At the same time, the production process can be friendly to the environment and does not cause a burden on the earth.


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