The insulating hollow fiber is matched with elastic yarn to lock the heat energy in the fiber gap, slow down the heat dissipation speed, and the fine texture isolates the convection of the cold air to achieve the best thermal insulation effect. Through testing, it can effectively increase 3~4 degrees C. High-quality elastic fibers will not deform for a long time, and the cloth is thin and light. It can be worn in multiple layers and is suitable for different temperature in autumn and winter.

● The moisture wicking speed reaches the standard of Byreck method.
● Four-needle six-thread sewing creates flattened, hidden, smooth and fits comfortably on the body. 
● 15% SPANDEX elastic fiber, good stretching elasticity and no deformation.
● Using strong fiber.
● Up to the US high standard anti-pilling level 4.
● The fabric is fine and not easy to pilling.
● No fluorescent agent and formaldehyde chemical substances are used.

● Various certification functions are guaranteed

● Experimental test result high-quality performance


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