What are the benefits of polarized lenses? 

Have you ever been exposed to the water on the roadside or the reflection of the glass outside the window?
This glare can cause visual damage, especially when driving.


What is glare?
Simply the reflection of sunlight

The principle of polarized lenses is similar to blinds, only allowing light in a fixed direction to pass through.
Therefore, although it is darker, it can be seen more clearly. Eyes are not easy to fatigue.


When is the right time to use polarized sunglasses?

Daytime driving, fishing, snowy environment.
In addition to wearing polarized sunglasses when driving, to block harsh reflections
When fishing daily, it can reduce the glare of the water surface and better see the underwater activities.


Which situations are not suitable for polarized sunglasses?

Using electronic devices, driving at night
Because the polarized light blocks the entry of light from other directions, it becomes a hindrance when using the LED screen.
In addition, when polarized lenses are worn, the visual effect is darker. So not suitable for driving at night


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