The headquarters of "Eximtex Inc." is located in Taiwan. It mainly focuses on research and development of the import and export of ready-made garments and functional technical fibers. After finding the need for sun protection, it created its own "UV100" brand, developed its own design team, and designed products suitable for Asian lifestyle, making functional products stand out from European and American brands in terms of fabric function, style design, pattern line and colour.


The origin of our name

The origin of the name “UV100” refers to a comprehensive product for 100% sun protection.

The spirit of the brand

Simple, clean, healthy and comfortable. Creating valuable products and transforming new life styles.

History of development
• In 1994, the company was established
• In 2004, the brand UV100 was created
• In 2005, an online store was set up
• In 2006, operations in Chinese market started
• In 2007, the store in Sanchong Tangcheng store was set up
• In 2008, operations in Vietnamese market started
• In 2010, a physical channel in Vietnam started operating
• In 2011, Taichung store was set up
• In 2011, Kaohsiung store was set up
• In 2012, Hsinchu store was set up
• In 2012, Tainan store was set up
• In 2015, operations of Y! Mall UV100 flagship store started
• In 2015, operations of China's physical channels started
• In 2016, Taipei Zhongxiao experience store was set up
• In 2017, operations of the UV100 flagship store of Shopee Mall started
• In 2018, operations in the Middle East market started
• In 2018, Taipei Fuxing store was set up
• In 2019, operations of Amazon UV100 flagship store started
• In 2021, operations in Australia market started

Verified by testing, purchase at ease

While we are developing fabrics or products, we must first make them comfortable to wear before sending it to the Australian UV clothing professional organization “ARPANSA” for testing. Its efficacy is confirmed by laboratory scientific data, and the test report is fully displayed on the web page. Our customers can check the certification of sun protection and characteristics of each product any time. We also extend this concept to other functional testing.
We insist on the principle of "value = price", so that our customers only purchase the products after fully understanding them.


Wearable sunscreen

When the brand UV100 was created in 2004, we were the only website in Asia providing international certification for sun protection. Our products are mainly clothing, accessories, fabrics and products that can effectively isolate UVA and UVB, which are not affected by how many times they’re washed. They can permanently resist ultraviolet rays. . Each product is with a UPF certification tag issued by the Australian ARPANAS based on the detected value, and they include a serial number of the tube to guarantee its effects of sun protection.
We strongly advocate environmentally-friendly and economical "wearable sunscreen", which can enable our customers to wear sunscreen in a healthy way. Its creative design can meet every need. With a simple style, it will never get outdated. Its loose version ensures its effect of sun protection, its fabric does not stretch after activities and its effects of sun protection are not affected. It is loose yet good-looking. Feel free to show your personal charisma while being protected against UV lights.
We have also been affirmed by the Society of Dermatology, and combined with professional physicians to promote healthy and effective "wearable sunscreen". Since ultraviolet rays causes accumulation of melanin on the skin, we recommend you to start sun protection for your children and build a good foundation for healthy skin at an early age.


Functional warmth keeping

In 2009, we completed the development of thermal fabrics, which was combined with sun protection and thermal insulation 2 in 1 fabric. We also used a new generation of spinning technology, high-performance hollow technology to achieve 30% lighter weight, and with elastic fibres, weaving, dyeing and finishing technology more fit and durable. In terms of creation of styles, the UV100 design team is responsible in its design, pattern making, cutting, sewing, thread trimming, ironing and packaging. The design team makes each piece of warm clothing with ingenuity and dedication, protecting you in cold winter with light wear.


Far Infrared Health Series

In 2016, we launched the second generation of improved far-infrared health and warmth fabric. The far-infrared hollow fiber is used in the latest polyester modification technology. It can absorb energy and release far-infrared wavelengths. The long-lasting far-infrared fiber has a heat storage function. , After the TTRI test, its temperature can rise by 8 degrees Celsius in 10 minutes. It can lock the body temperature for a long time. This function is not affected after washing. The light bristles at the bottom of the cloth enhance the sense of richness. It feels like a product from a counter of a department store with meticulous workmanship and has excellent warmth function like wool.